Property Management, Reimagined

Curating a seamless and effortless experience for our Azure Living Owners, from purchasing your property to securing long-term tenants, we are dedicated to maximising your financial return in our timeless communities. Our devoted team of experienced property managers are well-versed in the intricacies of each stage of your development, working closely with the project team, enabling us to connect you with the right tenants for your property quickly and coherently upon settlement.

Appointing you with your very own property manager, Azure Living ensure that each step in caring for your property is streamlined and simple for you. From a rental appraisal to finding the right tenant and managing your lease, along with maintenance, caretaking and meeting compliance regulations, we provide a holistic service for all our property owners. We can even manage payments to a number of related services, including council and water rates, levies and Body Corporate, which we can take directly from your tenant’s rental payment.

Transparent Communication

Providing you with a dedicated property manager, we connect regularly with each of our owners, keeping you updated and informed on your investment. Tailoring our communication to suit you, we can converse via phone, email or your preferred method. You can also login to our Owner Portal to access all your details outlining property inspections, maintenance, repairs and other related information.

Marketing Your Property

We present an exceptional first impression of your property to the market, ensuring that it’s unique offering of elegant, yet relaxed community living is showcased beautifully. Featuring your investment on our own website, along with a myriad of well-known property rental websites, we also curate a comprehensive suite of marketing collateral, ensuring your property is highly visible.

High Quality Tenant Selection

Dedicated to attracting and placing high quality tenants within a quick timeframe, our strict and efficient application process ensures that all prospective tenants have been verified and screened prior to recommending them to you. All applicants are required to complete our stringent application form, providing 100 points of identification, proof of income, personal references and proof of previous living arrangements, so that we can minimise your selection risk and ensure your legal rights are protected.

Property Maintenance and Repairs

Bringing together the expertise of our in-house property managers, maintenance caretakers and qualified horticulturists, each Azure Edition is impeccably presented, ensuring your investment will continue to prosper. We cultivate close long-term relationships with a range of highly skilled tradesmen, including electricians, builders and plumbers, enabling us to quickly manage any building concerns in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Promptly attending to all daily maintenance and repair requests, we endeavour to connect with you before any related work is commenced, and we continue to keep you updated on the rectification progress. Accurately recording and reporting maintenance and repair projects on a continual basis, you are always kept abreast and informed on all works relating to your property. In the case of an emergency, we provide you with an office an after-hours contact number.

Property Inspections

Azure Living diligently performs detailed quarterly property inspections on your investment. To access the outcomes and all related property information, simply log in to our Owner Portal [insert link] at any time. If you have any questions or concerns with an inspection, we will notify the tenant and will schedule a new inspection to take place within seven days.

Welcoming Pets into Your Property

Allowing pets in rental properties is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Our Azure Living team have had many wonderful tenants keep beautiful pets in our well-maintained properties.

As the property owner, you have the right to allow or refuse tenants to keep pets at your property. We can also add in special terms to the tenancy agreements, stating that pets can be kept, but must live outside. If you do allow pets, Azure Living recommends that another special term is added to your agreement, stating that tenants are required to organise a pest control service upon vacating the premises.

Owner Portal

As an Azure Living owner, we give you access to our online Owner Portal.

If you have a question or would like to connect with our property management team, please call us on 07 3227 1571 or email us. We’d love to chat with you.


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  • Send your property manager a message at any time
  • Read about upcoming events, including inspections and lease renewals

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